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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  June 13, 2015 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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on t on this saturday night, brazen attack. the wild scene in dallas on a rampage on police headquarters. dozens of shots fired, bombs found, and a chase before the suspect is killed. the manhunt. day 8 in the search for two escaped killers. second act. hillary clinton goes big, laying out the vision for her campaign while jeb bush gets ready finally to make his announcement. taking your meds. a new way to cut down on confusion and mistakes from what may be the pharmacy of the future. and comic relief. learning to overcome big challenges. the surprising role for a celebrated comedy club. "nightly news" begins now.
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this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt, substituting tonight from washington, peter alexander. good evening. witnesses say it felt like a war zone. a gunman today firing dozens of shots through the windows of the dallas police headquarters, before leading officers on a chase. that gunman is dead, shot by police snipers. the armored van has been destroyed. but the question is, why did he do it? charles hadlock starts as off from dallas tonight. charles? >> good evening, peter. dallas police say they have never seen anything like it. the front of their headquarters building is riddled with bullets. a reminder of a violent assault by a troubled man. a daring attack on dallas police headquarters. just after midnight a man driving a dark armored van opens fire with an automatic weapon shooting up the police building
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and firing on officers in the parking lot. shooting up the police building and firing on officers in the parking lot. >> we're being shot at at headquarters, police headquarters. >> reporter: the bullets whizzing by bystanders, running for their lives. >> we have an active shooter with a high-power rifle at the front of -- >> reporter: across the street, josh recorded the chilling scene on his cell phone. >> did you believe what you were seeing? >> no. it's surreal. even in the midst of a crisis like that, you don't really believe it's happening until you go back and you realize someone just died. >> shots fired! shots fired! >> reporter: the armored van rammed police cars before speeding away with police in pursuit. the 12-mile chase came to a stop in the jack in the box parking lot. >> he said he has the van rigged with explosives. >> we didn't know what was going on. they said, you know, we're locked in. they're telling us to get down. an assault rifle >> reporter: police found four suspicious bags, one with pipe bombs, that exploded when a police robot tried to pick it up.
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fearing the suspect may try to drive away again, a police sniper shot the engine, disabling the vehicle. after negotiations failed, police fired through the windshield, killing the suspect. james boulware of dallas. his family says he's had a history of mental illness. boulware was arrested three years ago for family violence. when he lost custody of his teenage son, his father jim says, james went into a deep emotional spiral. >> every one of us has a breaking point. some is one point, some is another. but we all have one. >> reporter: his father said his son bought the van last week where tonight officials say they discovered two additional pipe bombs packed with screws and nails. now, despite all the bullets flying through the air and the potential for deadly explosions, no one was injured. the only casualty was the gunman
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himself. peter? >> all right, charles hadlock in dallas. charles, thanks. still no resolution in upstate new york. a full week for two convicted killers broke out of a maximum security prison. as the manhunt expanded, we learned new details about their alleged accomplice and how authorities say she helped them escape. miguel almaguer is in morrisville for us tonight. miguel? >> reporter: peter, we know there have been no confirmed sightings of the inmates. still this area a few miles away from the prison remains the focal point for the search. this as a former prison employee now faces serious charges. booked into county jail, joyce mitchell is charged with one felony and a misdemeanor, facing eight years in prison. >> you are here for purposes of being arraigned. >> reporter: appearing before a judge for the first time, court documents say the prison employee snuck hacksaw blades, a chisel a punch and a
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screwdriver bit into the clinton correctional facility five weeks before the prison break. >> investigations are ongoing to other charges we may file relative to joyce mitchell. but those will be determined at a later time. >> reporter: pleading not guilty, sources close to the investigation tell nbc news mitchell thought it was love when she agreed to help david sweat and richard matt, convicted killers, make their escape. sources say she was to be their getaway driver after they surfaced from this manhole but got cold feet. her daughter-in-law releasing this statement. she is taking responsibility for the actions she is being charged with. we will love and support her no matter what. >> this is one large piece of the puzzle in our quest to find the two escaped murderers. >> reporter: mitchell's husband, lyle mitchell, also works at the prison. for now investigators are only saying -- >> her husband has not been charged with any crime. >> reporter: the exhaustive manhunt for sweat and matt is now in day 8. authorities believe the men are
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together, possibly on foot hiding deep in the forest. the dangerous duo growing more desperate every day. >> we have a message for david sweat and richard matt. we're coming for you. and we will not stop until you are caught. >> reporter: two murderers on the loose. a community on edge. with the search continuing in the woods at this hour, joyce mitchell is being held on $300,000 bail. she's expected back in court on monday. peter? >> miguel almaguer. in northern new york again tonight. miguel, thank you. she announced her candidacy two months ago. today hillary clinton held the first rally of her campaign with a sharp attack on republican economic policies and promises of a more inclusive america. the setting was roosevelt island in new york city. and nbc's andrea mitchell is there tonight. andrea? >> reporter: good evening, peter. today one of the world's most famous women tried to reintroduce herself to american voters explaining why she wants to be president.
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at her first rally two months after she started campaigning, it was hillary clinton 2.0. laying out the rationale for her second run for the white house. >> america can't succeed unless you succeed. that is why i am running for president of the united states. >> reporter: on an island between manhattan and queens, named for franklin roosevelt, the rally drew thousands of supporters. in 2008, clinton rarely talked about her gender. this time the chance to make history is central to her message. >> i may not be the youngest candidate in this race, but i will be the youngest woman president. >> the first woman president. is that a big deal for you? >> well, as a dad of daughters, it was really beautiful. >> reporter: with a populus
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economic message, clinton took aim at the republicans. >> there may be some new voices in the presidential republican choir, but they're all singing the same old song. that's yesterday. >> she has the hutzpah to move forward. is and so-called fight with the big boys. >> reporter: and the need to rebrand clinton. >> people know her. she's best recognized woman politician. >> some people say she is the most exposed person known in american politics. >> reporter: today she spoke about her late mother twice about her late mother twice about her late mother twice a balancing dolling abandoned as
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a child, who taught her resilience. >> i've been called many things by many people. quitter is not one of them. i got this from my mother. >> reporter: for the first time in this campaign, bill clinton was at her side. her chief regret, that her mother wasn't still with her. >> oh, i wish she were here. >> reporter: and that is the message her campaign video, new video is called "fire." that he said that's the message she is bringing, that she is run willing for every american who has been knocked down but refused to be knocked down. peter? >> andrea mitchell on the campaign trail tonight. andrea, thank you. meanwhile, jeb bush finished up his visit to europe two days before he is expected to make his run for official. we have more on that from chris jansing in estonia. >> reporter: on a rare and warm day in estonia, jeb bush was indoors talking high-tech and loving it. >> this was a really compelling presentation, don't you think? >> reporter: then he headed to the airport and two days of final preparations for the biggest speech of his life on monday, announcing for president.
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>> reporter: what do you need to get done? >> i need to sharpen the saw. i need to go to mass. i need to be with my grandkids. >> reporter: emotional? mental? >> i need to decompress a little bit on sunday. >> reporter: five days in europe has given a glimpse into jeb bush's style. steady, cautious, wonky, and comfortable in his own skin. >> i'm going to be who i am. i'm not going to change who i am. >> reporter: his trip a dramatic contrast to the huge crowd that greeted then senator barack obama in berlin in 2008. but neither did bush make the kind of headline that played mitt romney abroad. and this year chris christie and scott walker. and bush showed he can look presidential meeting with the leaders of germany estonia and poland. these are the ultimate photo-ops. you're not in a position as a candidate to make foreign policy you are in a position to look like you could be doing that. but at home serious and lingering questions are waiting. national and state polls are unexpectedly close.
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what happened to his tprolgd hlg front-runner-status? bush shuffled his senior staff just a week before the launch. and there are reports his fund-raising isn't going as well as expected. >> the questions about your gaffe, fund raising and polls, where is that on your priority list right now? >> it's not on it. i've learned to prioritize. my job as a candidate is to be the best possible candidate, to persuade people i have with the skills i have, the leadership i have, that are right for this country. >> reporter: it's going to be so interesting to watch because jeb bush hasn't run for office in more than a dozen years. he needs to differentiate himself from a crowded republican field where lesser no-names have been getting a lot of attention. so the stakes are really high. before he left estonia to head back to miami, he said he's excited to get started and he's ready. >> chris, thanks. for more, we are joined by
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political director and moderator of "meet the press", chuck todd. nice to see you. give us a sense, how will the candidates, clinton and bush, try i guess to distance themselves from the legacies in some way they inherit. >> reporter: hillary clinton is not trying to distance herself. she was name checking. democratic presents. she started with roosevelt. but very much hugged clinton and really hugged president obama. when you look at what she did. her speech today wasn't one with flowery language. but it was filled with a lot of proposals and sounded like president obama's previous state of the union. for jeb bush it's clear you will see a big attempt for him to be all about jeb, all about florida. you won't see a lot of mentions of bush perhaps even in his official logo. >> nice to see you. we will see you tomorrow of course. much more on hillary clinton and jeb bush tomorrow morning right here on "meet the press". when "nightly news" continues on this saturday, innovation helping with the
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we're back making sure they take all the medications at the right time. for those with multiple prescriptions it can be a confusing process causing anxiety for patients and for their loved ones. now a new process of dispensing the drugs developed a by young
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entrepreneur is help to go eliminate some of that uncertainty. here's nbc's anne thompson. >> reporter: the ticker tape is the daily challenge of managing 15 medications. the 72-year-old used to use pill boxes. >> this one has three pills in each day. so i go, one, two, three. >> reporter: it took time. and like many people, he made mistakes. >> being medically compromised is one thing. but being medically compromised with excess anxiety is a lot worse. >> reporter: enter 29-year-old pharmacist, with an idea to up end the pharmacy business. it is called pill pack. packaging medications by the day and time you need them. >> we get in contact with your doctor, we contact them directly. you don't have to do anything except sign up online. >> reporter: orders are put together in this manchester, new hampshire factory. what is this machine? >> this is where we actually
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manufacture the pill packs. >> and this is it? >> that is it. that replaces the cumbersome pill packs. >> reporter: the 2-year-old business has shipped more than one million pill packs this year. >> reporter: why hasn't anyone come up with this before? it seems so simple. >> the core concept of prepackaging meds has existed for a very long time. >> reporter: but not for consumers at home. in seattle, the pharmacy has been doing something similar for nursing homes and assisted living customers. >> as more people adopt this technology, it will continue to help the medication adherence problem that is a real problem. >> reporter: in fact, half of americans fail to take their medicines as prescribed. pill packs helps fred. >> it costs me the same. they have just gone light years
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it began with a scary moment in sweden with the foo fighters when the front man fell off the stage. he told the crowd he thought he broke his leg. he returned to finish the set sit anything a chair. his leg in a bandage. the band put out this tweet. the x-ray confirming his leg was in fact, broken. in london, a full display of royalty as only the british can do it. the annual ceremony in honor of the queen's official birthday. it was little prince george who seemed to steal the show not only at the official group appearance but also beforehand at the window of buckingham palace at the hands of his nani. there was prince william holding prince george almost identical to this shot 31 years ago with william in his father's arms.
4:22 pm
a british scientist may have woman a nobel prize but won nothing but ridicule for what he said about working with women in his lab. we have that story from london. >> reporter: the sexy world of science. lab suits. safety goggles. and that i resistible micro centrifuge. that's what tim hunt described to women scientists. you fall in love with them. they fall in love with you. and when you criticize them they cry. female scientists said distractingly sexy. amelia tweeted, filter mask protects me from hazardous chemicals and muscles my woman cries. double win. and from laura baxter mind you, guys in the lab were always checking out my nice rack. it's a subject hollywood loves
4:23 pm
to laugh about. >> all women are -- >> reporter: but neurology professor sophie scott says it is real. >> i've been asked to make coffee when i've gone to meetings. >> reporter: in a bbc radio interview, professor hunt tried to apologize. >> i mean i'm really really sorry that i caused any offense. that's awful. i -- i certainly didn't mean -- i just meant to be honest actually. >> reporter: hunt resigned the same day from his host at honorary professor at the university college london. and the women scientists of the world didn't even shed a tear. nbc news, london. up next how comedy is helping young people overcome big hurdles. the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. after all, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned... every day...
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the new energy superpower? it's red, white and blue. log on to learn more. finally tonight, it's not just aspiring comics enjoy the spotlight. turns out, the chicago's second city is a place for people to grow and thrive on and off the stage. we sent john yang to check it out >> reporter: it's been the launching pad for comedy greats. like john belushi, mike myers and tina fey. >> please. i haven't done anything. >> freeze! >> reporter: it turns out improv
4:27 pm
is something teens with autism can do here as well. finding a place where they belong. >> what do you enjoy about the class? >> i can just kickback, be myself. >> reporter: many with high-functioning autism or as berger's. >> i feel like why can't i understand. why do i have to see everything little minded when&see everything black or white when they see all these shades of gray. >> it is working on your social skills. something that so many of us take for granted. but a lot of people do have challenges in that area. and this enables them that opportunity to come and practice. >> reporter: by playing basic improv games. molly fisher and nick john developed the idea. >> the exercises they're doing, are they different than any other improv class. >> no. >> reporter: nick was inspired by his daughter who has autism.
4:28 pm
>> they get so much therapy day to day. why not cut that loose and do a second city class. >> reporter: and the kids are seeing benefits. connor who has to drive more than an hour each week to get here says before coming to second city he felt isolated. >> i really feel like i've made something close to a connection which is a little rare for me. >> reporter: for pierce it is an outlet for his creativity. >> i discovered that i have a specific talent and i have something to express to other people. >> reporter: his mom, liz, says he's more confidence since he started at second city even thinking about going to college. >> he is now more accepting of himself. >> reporter: acceptance. >> the way i put it. i'm not really on the autistic spectrum. i see it i'm on the artistic spectrum. >> using stand-up comedy to stand up to their chance. john yang nbc news chicago.
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>> we're cheering for all of them tonight. that's "nbc nightly news" for this saturday. i'm peter alexander reporting from washington. for all of us here from washington, have a good night. flames burn one home and get dangerous close to others as firefighters fight back. right now at 4:30 flames get dangerously close to others as firefighters fight back. the latest on the brush fire that sent people running from
4:30 pm
their homes. we are on early because of the stanley cup playoffs. firefighters sprang into action when this brush fire near combs in the east bay, it broke out near redwood parkway off i-80. some video from the scene shows lots of smoke at the scene and gusty winds complicating matters. authorities say they called in more firefighters and trucks when the flames started moving toward nearby homes. >> first alarm, got on scene, went to second alarm. it was threatening homes and throwing embers. >> it damaged the roof of one home but were able to keep it from other nearby residences the cause is under investigation. a reporter is there talking to neighbors. more details tonight after the stanley cup. firefighters are fighting heat with the flames very warm out there today, you know this if you have been outside. we have a change on the way. let's take you outside now. take a look o


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